Honey-Fried Catfish


Honey-Fried Catfish


4 U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish Fillets

2 cups cornmeal

½ cup flour

½ cup cornstarch

2 tablespoons salt

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon black pepper

½ cup honey

1 teaspoon lime zest

1 tablespoon orange zest



  1. HEAT deep fryer to 350°F.

  2. COMBINE cornmeal, flour, cornstarch, salt, cayenne pepper and black pepper in a shallow bowl. Evenly coat catfish fillets with cornmeal mixture and shake off any extra.

  3. COOK fish for 5 minutes, or until golden brown. Let cool slightly on a wire rack.

  4. COMBINE honey and zests in a small bowl and heat in microwave for 1 minute.

  5. DRIZZLE fillets with honey mixture.